Pricing plans

Receive your edited photos promptly to share and enjoy your creations without delay.




30-minute session: Perfect for casting photos, LinkedIn portraits, real estate professionals, and more.

2 photos edited  (same setup) using frequency separation: Experience advanced retouching with the frequency separation technique, ensuring exceptional image quality.


$25 for each additional photo














  • 1.5-hour session: An extended session to capture personal moments and create portraits that reflect your individuality.

    3 photos edited in high resolution: Choose from a carefully edited selection of three photos that highlight your unique personality.

    Artistic retouching: Tailored artistic edits to enhance your image while preserving your authenticity.

    Style and setting advice: Personalized tips to help you select outfits and create an ambiance that mirrors your style.

    Location options: Choose between a cozy studio or city outdoor locations for your session.




Deluxe Creative

  • 2-hour session: An extended session to explore different creative ideas, styles, and concepts.

    5 photos edited in high resolution: Choose from a carefully edited selection of five photos reflecting the diversity of your session.

    + The full set of all HD photos (unedited). That's a lot of photos!

    Exploration of multiple styles: Explore styles such as boudoir, fashion, corporate, and more for a variety of unique images.

    Advanced artistic retouching: Advanced retouching to give each image a distinctive artistic touch.

    Various location options: Choose between a studio or cozy room with natural light or outdoor locations, offering a diversity of backgrounds for your session.



Explore tailor-made options for a photo experience customized to your unique needs.


Réservez votre élégance.

Réserver votre élégance va au-delà de la simple capture ; c’est une expérience sur mesure reflétant votre style et votre grâce uniques. Laissez l’art des portraits haut de gamme exprimer votre récit avec une allure intemporelle. Sécurisez votre séance et laissez-moi illuminer la beauté qui réside en vous.


Book Your Elegance

Elevate your experience beyond ordinary captures; booking your elegance unfolds a bespoke journey reflecting your distinctive style and grace. Immerse in the artistry of high-end portraits to narrate your story with timeless allure. Reserve your session now, and allow me to illuminate the inherent beauty that resides within you.


Indoors or outdoors?

Whether indoors or outdoors, I offer a bespoke experience to meet your specific needs. From intimate indoor settings to the beauty of outdoor landscapes.