Benoit Legare Photographer

Hello, I am Benoit Légaré, also known as Bleggie on Instagram. A passionate photographer, I navigate through the realms of male portraiture, fitness, fashion, corporate photography, and sports and artistic events.

I enjoy playing with light, creating effects like artificial daylight, faux windows, and much more. I have undergone numerous training sessions, from basics to advanced techniques, with a particular focus on retouching to preserve the naturalness of the skin and colors while making subtle corrections.

As an expert in semi-boudoir photography, I prioritize artistic direction, contributing to establishing an environment conducive to the comfort of the models. I like to take the time to review the photos together occasionally during the session to strengthen the model’s confidence.

My philosophy in photography revolves around the power of the gaze to evoke emotions. Among hundreds of photos taken, only one captures the essence, tells a story, and stirs an emotion.
What excites me the most is the connection with my clients and creating authentic bonds.
Ready to freeze unique memories? Contact me to bring your story to life.

It’s the beginning of an extraordinary visual narrative.